Tuesday, October 21, 2008

October 21st: Update + games

Hello Families,

Things are rolling along, and with the students I am putting together a list of what we expect to see in their writing. Look for it in the coming days, and next week they will have to polish a text they wrote using the criteria we establish.

As well, students have a new response assignment this week, responding to the poem "Something Told the Wild Geese." You should see them use their dictionaries for this assignment.

I spoke recently with the mother of one of the students about using board games and card games to practice math skills and different strategies. A couple of games I find very good are:

Blokus (visual spatial strategies, planning skills)
Tock (calcualtion practice, planning, teamwork)
Labyrithne (visual spatial skills, planning)
Zoologic (visual, process of elimintation, working backwards)
Crazy 8 (planning, assessing multiple criteria)
Guess Who (looking for criteria, asking questions, eliminating information guess and test)
Puzzles (visual organization, sorting, classifying, working backwards, elimination, guess and test, looking for patterns...)

Many games can be found all over town, but the mother of a former student of mine works in the children's section of Renaud-Bray, and she is wonderful about finding games that stimulate and are fun to play. I don"t know if she would appreciate my mentioning her on the blog, but ask me and I will tell you who to look for.

Which games do you play with your kids? Let's build this list together.
Have a great week,

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