Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mini-Project: Drummondville and Our School

Hello Families,

This week, following up on the work we started with Ricky Raccoon, we will be continuing a mini-project on Drummondville and D.E.S.. In our project, we are trying to answer 2 main questions:

What is special about Drummondville?

What is special about our school?

This project is allowing me to assess the research and teamwork skills the students possess. Different students will have different foci, and we will work together to complete the overall project as a Voicethread (you can see this using the Ricky link under "Learning Sites") and perhaps as an iMovie or podcast depending on how the work unfolds.

Also, a family asked for information about Magazine subscriptions for their children. I have added some links in the parent section to some magazines the kids really enjoy. Maybe just in time for Christmas ;)

Have a great week,

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