Monday, January 12, 2009

Right back at work!

So, the first week back after the break was punctuated by snow, the hope of snow days, and many, many absences that kept us from getting on with a new project.

Hopefully your child has spoken to you about their mini vacation project. In teams, they have to put together a weekend getaway for a family of four in a city given to them at random. The project will be complied using the application Comic Life, and will have to include:

-the cost of airfare from Montreal
-the cost of a hotel for Friday and Saturday
-activities for Friday, Saturday and Sunday (including entrance fees, if applicable)
-total cost (food and souvenirs not included)

The presentation page must include:
-2 maps (country and city map)
-photos (with photo credit)of the activities or locations listed
-details of the getaway

The students are very motivated, and are just beginning to identify what information they need and where they think they may find it. You can help at this stage by helping them pose relevant research questions and narrow down possible topics to be explored.

It should be fun to see what they find and what they choose, and we will look for a way to post their final products.

All my best,
Kathy Napier

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