Monday, May 4, 2009


Hello Families,

With the warm weather many (but not all) of the kids in my neighborhood have taken to the streets. It is wonderful to see everyone outside again.

I know that my students are also enjoying the nicer weather, and I want them to. I love to see kids outside, unplugged, and enjoying the fresh air and each other's company. Truely, I do, and I kick my own kids outside as much as I can. Princess Rollerblade over there can vouch for me.

As teacher, however, I have to ask for your help. The kids are tired, and many admit to later betimes so that they can 'profit' (sic) from the warm evenings. Today in class my audience was so sleepy it was like trying to teach multiplication of decimals to a bag of potatos.

The kids need to go to bed, and they need to do their homework. They may rush it, they may 'forget' work, but they have to read, to do their work for the time that is left in grade five. Please don't let them drag out the after-dinner games too late.

I hope to make the most of the few short weeks that are left, feel free to blame the early bedtime on me. I can take the heat, but they need their rest.

All my best for a beautiful week,
Kathy Napier

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Kriquette said...

C'est vrai,
on a de la difficulté à garder nos habitudes lorsque le beau temps arrive. Moi, mon enfant se couche habituellement à 7h30pm, mais maintenant c'est encore le jour car le soleil est encore là. Mais, on travaille fort pour ne pas trop dérogé.
Aussi, il ne faut pas oublié les weekends où les enfants accumulent beaucoup de fatigue.