Sunday, March 14, 2010

Chores for Haiti

“We, the grade six class, were shocked of (sic) all these terrible earthquakes in Haiti. We knew we could help, but we just didn’t know how, just yet. We had a really interesting discussion going on in the class.” –W.R.

“ The Chores for Haiti Project was to raise money for the Haitians because of their enormous earthquake. So we decided to send a letter home to tell children to do chores to help their parents and the parents could pay them.”-A.B.

“This project was about helping a nation in need.” --J.C.

“Our project consisted for (sic) the students of the school would do extra chores they do not already do at home and get paid by their parents. They would then donate the money they earned to us to give to the Red Cross.” – J. C.

“We undertook this project because we are grade six, and a lot of the students were keen on this idea of helping Haiti. Even if we had lots of things to do at that time, we undertook it anyway.” -S.B.

“We undertook the project because we saw some horrible pictures of what was happening in that country.” –G. St-O.

“We undertook this project because this issue mattered to us and we believed we could help. We should be proud.” –C.G.

More to follow, families. There is a lot to be proud of here....
Kathy Napeir

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