Friday, April 16, 2010

New Units!

Hello Families,

Since the Easter break we have been working on learning new concepts and revising ideas we have already studied. As you will have noticed, the students are again working on texts responses, and at the top of this page you will now find a tab that leads you to a page describing what a response should include at cycle three. As well, we are working to improve creative texts in a number of ways - ask you child what techniques we have been reading and experimenting with!

As well, we are working on transformational geometry (a short evaluation will be following soon). We will soon be investigating solid geometry, capacity, and volume. For those of you would would like to continue to improve your child's calculation skills, the self-correcting games listed in the sidebar of this blog can be a great help.

In social sciences we will be investigating the similarities and differences between modern Micmac and Inuit communities and the territories on which they live. it should be a very interesting module.

As the weather improves, please consider sending a water bottle for your child. They play very hard at recess and are often thirsty during class.

As ever, if you have any comments on questions, I am available by phone or email.

Warm regards,
Kathy Napier

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