Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Uncorrected Student Writing: Responses to the Youtheatre Production "Beauty"

Shadow Puppet Show "Beauty"

By Laurie-Ann

December 9, 2010

The play is about a brown haired girl who lives at the dump and she survives with the garbage that she finds. One day she wakes up brushes her teeth with her finger (she doesn’t have a toothbrush) when she realized that there was dirt on her finger. She tried to wash it off with water but that’s she realized that she did not have any left. She started to panic and look for water everywhere but she could not find any. Just then a blond haired girl with a grey hat and dirty close showed up holding her baby doll and she also looked like she was panicking. Then, the brunette hid behind her metal desk. She looked scared. The blond haired girl was looking for water but she could not find some. All she found was some garbage bags and empty plastic bottles. All that thinking of water made her thirsty but at the point that she fainted. The brunette came out suddenly with a curious look on her face. The blond haired quickly woke up and saw that there beside her was standing a girl. They both backed up but then they realized that there was nothing to be afraid of. In no time at all, the girls were friends and they set off on a journey to find water. After days of traveling in danger they came back to the dump but they were not empty handed. They had found a big red barrel. They opened it and a big light shined out of it. It wasn’t just a big red barrel; it was a magic big red barrel. A few seconds later it started raining. The barrel really was magic. Out of it started growing huge plants. It beautiful!!!

To tell the story the girls used “Shadow Puppet Theater”. They didn’t talk in the play so they had to exaggerate their actions and they had to show their emotions clearly. We also had to figure out the story but I liked it anyway. In the play they used stuff that they found at the dump like the big red barrel. All they had to do was to clean them out.

I personally find that the beauty of the story is the friendship of the two girls. I think that the moral of the story is that friendship is important no mater how different you are. It’s also that some people do live in dumps; some people do run out of water so maybe we could change it by each doing our part and recycling, reusing and reducing.

I personally find that the play was wonderful because it is a combination of three of my favorite things. Drama, art and friendship. I loved the way they presented it. It showed in there work that they worked long and hard on it. They put a lot of emotions and energy in the play.

Beauty Ashley

Shadow Puppet Show December 7, 2010

The play was about the dump, the garbage, friendship and what it was like living in a dump. The play was a lot about garbage we could see all the garbage on the ground and it looked like a dump but not as bad as a real dump. Before they would act they would do a drawing on their table that would describe what they were going to do after. They tried to find a way to have water because they were thirsty and they was all kinds of things in her water that wasn’t good to drink. When they found the treasure everything changed for them they were beautiful plants and beautiful materials. They chowed us that the world could change a lot in a dump.

For the play they told us that they tooked some of the materials at the dump in Montreal. The materials that they had were plants, garbage bags, music, a table, a chair, bottles, old umbrella and dirt. They also used a projector and a light to show their drawings and other materials that were in the box but we didn’t know what they were called. I noticed that the play was a sad play. I notice that the beat of the music went with the actions they were making. I notice to that they didn’t talk in the play so that should of been hard and the last thing I notice is that they were doing Drama and they stayed in character easily. There was some things unusual when she did the sculpture with the bottles, they would get of the umbrella.

The play connects with things I know because we talked about it in class. We talked about how it could effect the planet with all the garbage and pollution we were making. I noticed that it could happened that there could be no more water because of all of the people that are on the earth and it could happened that we would have no food too. I noticed too that if we continue to do pollution there would be garbage everywhere. I noticed that there was no electricity and they did not have what they needed to live. The people that were acting were trying to send us the message to do less garbage and were trying to show us what it was like living in the dump and how it would look like if we were living in the dump.

My opinion of the story is I didn’t love the play because there wasn’t much acting they were almost all of the time drawing pictures of the dump on there table but I liked the fact that they talk to us about it because maybe people will think before putting garbage on the floor or always using plastic bags or things it takes all long time to decompose and other things that pollutes the earth instead of using topper wars and things that could help the earth to not pollute as much as we do now. The story connects to my life because there is a dump behind my ants house and I could see the fire when they would dig the whole in the ground and put the garbage in the whole when to her house. I could also hear the trucks when they would go and dump the garbage. I wouldn’t like to live in the dump because there is so much garbage and it smells very bad. I wouldn’t like it to have a house on top of a dump because it could happened that it catches on fire and for me I would feel insecure to live there.



December 7th, 2010

The story is happening in a dump two girls were living there they were trying to get a way of drinking water. When the so on her machine she does a plan and than she plays in the sand. They are going to go get some water while they were walking a truck came to get them. But one of them escaped. The one who did not escape eventually escaped. The one who escaped founded a red barrel and it was full of compost when she arrived she opened it. I think she was surprised she started to do a drawing. Her drawing was beautiful she started to take flowers she pulled them out and out it was wonderful.

In the play they did not speak. But there were music and they were using expression with their hands. They were using cardboard they were also using things that were in the dump like bird cages and bottles. They were using soil in the drawings.

The story connects with the garbage because the class and I are doing a project about the amount of garbage. It’s also connecting with the dump because we are reading a book that is talking about the dump and its pretty interesting to know how much people care about the amount of garbage there are.

My opinion about the play is like so-so because first I did not see many play like this and it wasn’t what I was thinking it would be like. I thought it would have been animals that were behind a blanket but when I saw that it was people I was a bit surprised. At the same time the back ground was very interesting all the things they toke from the dump that could have been reused but they were throw it in the garbage can


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WOW! Emile you must of worked very hard on that story,maybe its short but it doesn't make a difference because its very good,I am sure you put a lot of time in that story.


For Emile

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it was very good Emile your story about the play it was very interesting!!!!

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Ashley I think that you have a very good and positive story

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Ashley i find that yours really interesting because you have all kind of good details. And it's true.

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Hi Laurie you have a great story. I like the way you start your story.




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Laurie-Ann, Ashley, Emile your story our very interesting and you work hard. Good job!!!!


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It was very good all of you they are all very good.


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It was good the response that you did with details and everything.

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your story is very interesting. You had so details. Good job! =D(this is a smile)

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