Monday, October 15, 2012

October Photos

Hello Families,

Of the may official communications that come home, none really allows me to capture the rhythm and flavour of our days.

I wanted to share with you some of the images I took of the students last week. We had a wonderful time at the Soccer tournament, winning as many games as we lost, and shivering through the snow just seemed to make it more memorable. It is always so much fun to see the students participate and encourage each other, and despite the fact that some children play soccer all summer and some rarely play, everyone had such a marvelous attitude and such team spirit.

 Things are going absolutely swimmingly in grade six. The students work well together, and since they genuinely want to improve, everyone works hard on assignments and activities. The other day, I taught a lesson, set the activity, then sat back and watched. This is what I saw:
Everyone did what I asked. Everyone. At the same time. It made me teary.

 I can only cross my fingers that it continues, and that the entire year unfolds as well as the first few weeks have.
Tonight the Progress Report comes home, and on it you will have general information about your child's behaviour, participation, and progress. Everyone has something to improve, but everyone also has many things they are doing right.

Many intangible things don't make it onto official communications, but they may still be important to know. Please let you children know how proud I am of them, and how much I am enjoying spending the days with them. It's shaping up to be a wonderful year.

Thanks for stopping by,
Kathy Napier

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