Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Technology Code of Conduct

After many days of discussion, here is the Code of Conduct which we agree to live up to. As the iPads need to travel from home to school, the rules cover basic safety as well as behaviour on the Internet. In all of these, we tried to develop guidelines which are not simple rules for the class, but that are good for everyone and are worth learning for life.

Your feedback below is welcome.

 Ms Napier's Class Code of Conduct

I am careful:
·  I keep the ipad clean, dry, safe, and in its case at all times.
·  I interact with people I know.
·  I keep my passwords, personal info, contact info and location to myself, and I don't share this information about other people.

I am considerate of people's feelings:
·  I am responsible for my posts. My posts and comments will be interesting, respectful, appropriate, and truthful. I will do my best to make my work grammatical, to limit abbreviations, and to make sure my work doesn’t repeat.
·  I will be respectful of other people's lives and their privacy.
·  I will keep gossip and personal comments to myself. I will only write kind and helpful things to or about people that I would be willing to say to their face.
·  I don't let my tech disturb other people: I turn off notifications, sounds and alerts; I mute my tech to respect the people I am with.

I use technology to show my best self:
·  My ipad is always ready to work, and so am I. I will stay on task and ready to learn, at home and at school.
·  I listen to my teacher and respect the school rules.
·  I use my own words, work, or photos or give credit when necessary.
·  I ask permission before taking or using photos of others and I only use unaltered photos (no 'photoshopping')
·      I control how much time I spend online and on different screens.

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