Tuesday, September 23, 2008


The students were very happy to see their computers today, and the laptops are all in and charging. However, it is important to know that this year the school and parents have to pay for damages that were covered under warrenty before. We'll need to be more careful than ever!

Yesterday I was in Montreal at a LEARN Quebec workshop on collaboration and technology. The idea is to connect teachers and students through technology and to explore the ways in which such connections can improve student learning. I am involved for the year, and hope to share my projects as well as be involved with other teachers and what they are doing in their classes. I'll keep you posted.

it is important for you to know that the ibooks will be coming home form time to time, but only when there is an assignment stduents need to complete. There are many other "low tech" activities students of their age should be engaged in, and will all the "screen time" our kids have it is important to make sure that we use the computer in novel ways, and not just as a word processor. When we use it, it is as a learning tool and to do something we cannot do as well in another medium.

What do you think, as parents? How do you feel about homework on the laptops? You can leave comments here.

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Kriquette said...

Je n'ai jamais vraiment été d'accord avec l'achat d'ordinateur pour l'école. Je trouve qu'on aurait dû investir d'avantage dans l'aide aux enfants tel que : psychologue, ortophoniste... ou dans les installations tel que : gymnase, jeux extérieurs...

Cependant, mon enfant adore l'ordinateur, il est alors plus facile pour lui de faire ses travaux. Alors, puisque cet outil est disponible, je trouve que c'est une bonne idée de l'exploiter au maximum.