Monday, September 29, 2008

Ministry of Education Math Exam

This morning the students began the end of cycle 2 math exam created by the Ministry of Education. I received this test last week and was asked to give it as soon as possible.

This exam consists of 6 "short" questions - 15-45 minutes each, and one "long" question which is explored over 4 days.

This exam is intended to measure what students learned in cycle 2. Therefore there is no need to study or review, since we want to know what the students remember and assimilated from the grade 3 and 4 program.

Please help your child stay relaxed about the exam, and keep in mind that the data about student performance is used to help improve instruction. Each student's performance gives us an idea of what they know and what they need to improve, but it is not the only evaluation I will do. The exam is marked by teams of teachers from many different schools at a later date.

Since we are doing so much math in class, I am not assigning homework this week. I am not allowed to preview questions or assign work that will invalidate the test results, so please do not ask for reinforcement at home for now. I will be able to review and remediate after the test is complete.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

Kathy Napier

Note: the instructions on what happens to the tests vary from year to year, but in general we are allowed to share the results and then must file the tests. Last time I gave the test (2 years ago) we put them in the portfolio. Right now I don't know when they will be 'officially' corrected - that is, by a team of teachers who do not correct their own student's exams, and therefore are unbiased. I'll keep you informed!

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