Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cross your fingers for me...

Just now, while procrastinating, I entered a contest to do something I have always wanted to do . I entered my name and hope to be chosen as an Olympic torch bearer.

I was in high school during the Calgary Olympics, and was very envious when another student was chosen to help carry the Olympic flame across the country. So this time I wanted to enter.

Anyone 13 years and over can enter, and they flame is coming through our city. All that is asked is a pledge for how you plan to make a better Canada. Here is my pledge:

I pledge to work to make stronger Canadians, one learner, one class of students at time. I pledge to renew my strength so I can enter the classroom each day ready to meet the challenges my students and I will face together. I pledge to help them to be their best, and to strive to be a model for them by working toward personal excellence, learning from mistakes, and taking risks. I pledge to try to show each person compassion, and respect their differences while encouraging their talents. And most of all, I pledge to show them that we have a responsibility to each other to work toward the common good, seeking excellence and building a better world in any and every way we can.

As a fifth-grade teacher with 29 learners, I have responsibilities to build a better Canada, and if it weren't too grandiose a goal it would be written in the job description! In essence, that is what my job is - to help instill the skills and values the children need to guide them, and to help us all guide this country in positive directions. I have the chance, every day, to make a positive impact on my country, one child at a time. That's why I get out of bed in the morning, not to teach reading and writing, but to teach kids.

It wasn't hard to write, it is just hard to live up to. So every day I make myself I promise that I will do one thing at a time, and do it as well as I can. My fingers are crossed that my pledge makes the cut....

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