Saturday, February 28, 2009

Spring Break!

Hello Families!
The students were ready for this break! Over the last week they have been getting more and more tired, and more students have been ill and missed school. Let's hope we can all rest up and be healthy for the next term!

Several families spoken to me about good English television for their children. Here are some of my recommendations:
Discovery Kids Channel
Discovery Channel
Animal Planet

Some shows that are good include:
Popular Mechanics for Kids
Mystery Hunters
Get Outta Town
How it's Made
Mighty Ships
Project Earth
Postcards from Buster

Another strategy for improving vocabulary is to have kids watch a movie they have already seen in French and have them watch again in English. Since they already know the story and don't have to concentrate on the plotline they can pick up more words and expressions. One thing that some families enjoy is to watch the show with the closed caption display, which lets kids read the words as they are spoken.

If the kids are on their laptops over the break, they can always have access to the learning sites I have posted in the sidebar. Free Rice has interactive grammar drill that some students really enjoy, and don't forget the World Maths Day site is active until March 4th.

Enjoy the holiday, and see you on the 10th!
Ms Napier

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