Wednesday, February 15, 2012

World Maths Day

Each year I register my students for World Maths Day. Over the space of a few weeks students can practice math calculations by taking timed quizzes in which they compete against students from around the world. Students create avatars, see where in the world the other participants come from, and see the flags of those countries. On March 7th, students from around the world participate on the same day. Organizers estimate that 5.5 million students from 200 countries will participate this year. Unfortunately, World Maths Day falls during our Spring Break, but students can participate from home if you have access to an Internet connection, or on a mobile device (the app can be found here).

Your child has a login and password to be able to participate in the practice days leading up to the event. As their teacher, I can see the number and percentage of questions they answer correctly. There are five levels, and students can work to improve their scores in each level.

Yesterday, the first day we worked with the site, the class collectively answered 1081 questions correctly in about 20 minutes. As you can imagine, it would be impossible for me to give and correct that volume of work were I to have students do it with pencil and paper.

The event is highly motivating and excellent practice. If possible, it would be well worth having your child practice at home to improve their calculation skills.

And in case I forget, Happy World Maths Day!

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