Monday, March 26, 2012

School Nurse to Visit in April

Springtime brings back the birds, but also brings talk of the birds and the bees....

As you may know, the CSSS school nurse visits sixth grade classes to discuss puberty with the students. She presents the material during two 120 minute sessions, during which she uses a slide show prepared by Health Canada and several short videos to generate discussion. Much of this material is also covered in the science text, and Ms Beauregard has told me the students seem very anxious to begin this unit.

It is my experience that many parents prefer to begin discussing the subject of puberty and sex with their children before the nurse visits. She will be sending a letter to you closer to the date of her presentation, but I wanted to let you know in advance just in case your were presented with a good moment to speak with your child over the coming Easter break.

You can view some of the materials she will use at this site:
and the slide shows she shows are on-line here

Not all the material on the site is shared with the students. While I believe that much of the material there is more than they need to know right now, it is often better, as a parent, to have too much information than too little, and knowing what they might hear from peers can be very eye-opening.

The nurse's talk will focus more on biology than reproduction or sexuality, which leaves the hard part of the discussion still in your hands. While I make myself available to students to answer any lingering questions, you may want to open the discussion as well.

If you have any questions or want any additional information, please feel free to contact me.

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