Thursday, September 3, 2009

Interesting Presentation on Motivation

Have you seen the TED talks?

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design, and the talks are given by experts from around that world who are given 20 minutes to explain their research, findings, theories or new ideas. I am hooked on these talks, which are like a little "brain spa."

If you have 20 minutes, watch this. It is about motivation, and how reward systems backfire:

The speaker makes the point that there is a mismatch between what science knows and what business does. I couldn't help but think that the mismatch applies to schools as well. Often, kids are already in the "what's in it for me?" paradigm that reward systems can foster, and we have all seem scenarios in which the carrot and the stick are the only tools someone has for making someone do something. And I don't just mean with the students.

Autonomy, mastery and purpose not only work better, it seems, but allow everyone to keep their integrity.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.


Anonymous said...

hello i am colin maclean. i am the person that wrote to you last year. i am very sorry that i could not reply any sooner but my school never gave me the envelope until yesterday. i guess they fogot to give it to me but i would like to thank you for all the replys. i read them all and iam going to reply to some of the letters. could you please tell me if the kids in your class are in grade six so that i can send the letters to the right class. thank you.

Ms. Napier said...

Hello Colin!

Anonymous said...

Hello Colin yes the children in my class are in grade six and I enjoy you writing us back it was a pleasure to write to you. Elisee.

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Juliano and I live in Drummondville.

I am in Ms. Napiers class in grade

six.Please reply us on:

Thanks, JC

Anonymous said...

Yes we are in grade six and it is fun to be in grade six because we are the bigger s of the school so we need to falo the rules and help the little kinderkerdin to tie their shoes so we will be big buddies in a week so I am really happy that you are going to write to somme of us Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Dear Colin ,

I am Jessie.I am the girl who had your letter.Yes we are grade six.You can send your letters when ever you want now. If you want to contact Ms Napier her email is


Anonymous said...

Colin it's very nice of you to write us back this year.I'm very happy you didn't forget us.