Monday, November 23, 2009

Disposable to Reusable: Green Apple Grants

Good News!
Our class was awarded a $1000 grant for a proposal made to Metro Groceries Green Apple Grant Program to fund an environmental project at our school. This project, based on our work and study of the problem of waste, will seek to eliminate disposable tableware at our school.
We are very grateful to have the collaboration of the Parent Participation Organization in carrying out this project, with whom we have been exchanging letters since September in an effort to find ecological solutions for our school. Metro, with this grant, has given us $1 000 to fund the project and develop educational presentations for our school community.
The next step for us is to elaborate a plan for carrying out our ideas. Hopefully, the students talk to you at home about this exciting project and how they are becoming responsible citizens working to improve their community.

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