Sunday, November 29, 2009

Have a Wonderful Day with Your Guest Teacher!

Good Morning, Grade Six!

This is what I am doing today.

This is what all teachers do when we aren't with you. We call it workshops (wink wink).

And on ped. days we run up and down the halls in our socks chewing gum. I shouldn't tell all our secrets, but hey, you won't tell, will you?

Seriously, though.

In all the excitement Friday I forgot to mention that I will be at a workshop today. I was too caught up in the discussion of tokenism, sexism, electoral tampering, what scientists know and might not know about gender differences, what we mean by representational government, and what we learn from the election process. What a day!

Today I am in Magog learning more about the "6+1 Traits of Writing" form Lynn Senecal, the mastermind behind the Soundprints program. She is an excellent, erudite speaker and I always enjoy her workshops. I know that I will come back to class feeling like this (see picture above) and just full of great ideas to help us all write more and better.

You, my little liebchens, will have a great day with Mrs Jacinthe. I hope to hear you were all wunderbar.
See you tomorrow!
Ms Napier

PS extra points to those who figure out the vocab.
Sidenote - this post is intended to be droll, not facetious or flippant

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