Friday, November 6, 2009

My Fire Fighter Story

October 1st, 2009

!!!!! Fire fighters more than just putting out fires!!!!!

Hi my name is dots, I am a firehouse dog. I help by sniffing stuff and find clues. I am a big help to fire fighters. Everyone knows that fire fighters put out fires. They might put out a forest fire they might put out a fire caught in a building or a fire in a car. They risk their lives to save us from injury or burning buildings. But that’s not all.
-Fire fighters respond to medical emergencies and motor vehicle accidents, they come to car accidents if there is something needed.
-They make fire safety practices for schools and shops (ect.) and they teach the public about fire preventions. By doing this they help to save peoples lives, just talking to them.
-They have conducting inspections, rescue operations and they emergency patient care.
-They respond to emergency hazardous material situations.
-They donate stuff and they create contests. They give Halloween candy all that by showing the example and being safe. Helping people is leadership. Being a fire fighter is a big job and it is a dangerous job at the same time.

From: Drummonville Elementary School
By: Chelsy Gill

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Anonymous said...

Hi it's Elisee I read your story and your story was fantastic and I am happy that both of us have won the prize. bye bye